The weights room is not just for boys. An increasing number of women are taking an active interest in their health and fitness, blending beauty with badass strength. Beauty is no longer about being skinny, and #WomenStrong is breaking down that barrier. Building a stronger body builds also a stronger mind – and it´s also more fun. Fitness helps to keep you motivated, hit your personal goals, smash objectives and to follow your own path – even where there is no trail. Fitness supercharges your self-esteem. It gives you the confidence to make a dream a reality. Encouraging women to enter this great sport and combine building your best body with the belief that you can achieve anything. This is the true ethos of #WomenStrong.


Forget skinny – to be strong is to be healthy and happy. It is a myth that lifting weights makes women bulky; this process is controlled by the male hormone testosterone. Instead, strength training shapes a lean, toned physique and instills within you a confidence to be the boss of your life. Fitness helps you become stronger; physically and mentally.

Tired of the treadmill? Training tones not only your body, improves your fitness and burns a huge number of calories. Fitness is about feeling like you can take on the world and come out on top. When you build a foundation of strength, it gives you fresh belief and knowledge to overcome any physical or mental challenge. A challenge is just a test – for you to attack and push past. Embarking on a fitness journey is no different. Our athletes know what it’s like to push past their limits, in and outside of the gym. Their success in fitness is mirrored by success in many other aspects of their lives. Learn from our female Dymatize athletes what it means to them to look strong, feel strong and BE strong women.

What advice would you give to other women who want to become stronger?

WomenStrong means inner strength in addition to outer strength to me. The two are connected. My time in the gym has given me strong curves, but it has also given me self-esteem and the belief that I can accomplish anything. I want to be a strong woman because it means I can hold my own and conquer challenges. I’m motivated to create a feminine, yet athletic physique. I know that my strength helps motivate others, too!”“

“Lift weights. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Muscles help improve the overall tone of the skin, help you burn more calories, and lifting weights is great for relieving stress!“

What advice would you give to other women who want to become stronger?

“There are many aspects of life and our environment that we can’t control. We inherently need control; otherwise, stress and anxiety increase and affect our quality of life. Working out and building strength physically is probably the best sense of control you can have. It is within your control to make a change to your health, mental wellbeing and emotional balance by making a consistent effort in the realms of exercise and diet. The fundamental thing to remember is that where you start on the journey can only be improved as you move forward on that journey.“

WomenStrong is the unifying message of attitude, perseverance and possibility. The attitude of putting myself first and having the confidence to break the negative self-image we impose on ourselves every day. The perseverance that will always give me results from my effort and determination. The possibility of growth and enhancement of my appearance and sense of self. Apart from the aspects of health and appearance, I want to be a strong woman as it provides me with greater opportunities ranging from new sports, influencing social change and positively inspiring others. My motivation is seeing those brave women who have battled the odds in a predominantly male-led industry to be the most followed and appreciated in social media, inspiring and showing so many young women that they can achieve and master their dreams.“

What advice would you give to other women who want to become stronger?

“To me, WomenStrong means “SELF LOVE“. It’s about how I look after my health every day, it’s how I motivate myself to work out even on those days when I feel lazy and lack motivation. It means more than getting leaner or gaining muscle, it’s about how I feel in my own skin, how I’m happy with what I have while working so hard for what I want to achieve.“

“I always tell people “No one else is gonna do that for you“. Taking care of your wellbeing is something you can’t buy, and you can’t expect others to do – not even your family, friends or partner, not even your gym buddy. It’s up to us to put in the work to achieve our best self. Keep working hard, I promise you it’s worth it”.

What advice would you give to other women who want to become stronger?

“I remember the very first time I stepped in the weightlifting area in a gym like it was yesterday. It was November 2015 and it was my first PT session on the road to my first @pureelitecomp. My PT was finishing up with his previous client and told me to head down and grab a squat rack, and to start warming up on it so we could get stuck straight in. I was terrified. Terrified of going down there by myself and people looking at me wondering why I was there and kicking me off the rack. It’s safe to say three years on and you pretty much won’t find me anywhere but the weights area I remember that feeling so strongly and it’s upsetting that women still feel that way in the gym. It should be an inclusive area free from intimidation! It’s one of the reasons I became a PT, to get girls lifting because not only am I stronger physically, but mentally too. Honestly, whatever your reasons for doing it, lifting can change your life.”

“Don’t be scared to get in that weights section. It can be intimidating but it’ll be the best decision you make and will totally transform your training! Also, if you’re training for strength and/or muscle growth don’t be scared to eat! If there’s not enough fuel in the tank how can we expect our incredible bodies to be hitting new strength bests?! Believe in yourself, you’ve got this!”


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