About Us

Black Ice Bikinis started in 2015 whilst prepping for my first show in Body Fitness. Having purchased a second hand bikini off a competitor for £280 I had noticed the quality and construction was poor. Shortly after as my prep continued I was moved to a new class – just 5 weeks out! Frustratingly, this lead to needing a different bikini all together, and I wasn’t prepared to part ways with more money. So, being a fashion graduate with years of experience in menswear & bridal alterations I decided to have a go at making my own – and Black Ice Bikinis came to life.

Mandie nugent
founder of Black Ice Bikinis

Within 4 weeks of setting up Black Ice Bikinis I’d handed my notice in at my job and starting working from my living room table. Within 18 months I had moved to a rental and from here progressed to running my shop in Manchester. We’ve now got a team of 8 girls, and alongside myself we all have a hand in the design and manufacturing of all our bikinis. Our fantastic reputation for quality and service means we have over 200 repeat customers, as well as many first timers.

“All our garments are handmade”

All our garments are handmade and sewn by either our seamstress or myself. To begin, we ask for your key measurements, offering guidance on bikini shape and style. We do this to tailor the bikini to your physique and chosen federation. Once we have all the styling details drawn out and measurements taken we cut out the pattern onto your chosen fabric and sew it to the bikini bra.

For the bottoms we take an additional measurement closer to your competition deadline. It’s amazing how much the body changes in the last few weeks of prep. Once we have this the bottoms are sewn and prepped for decorating. Placing each crystal on one by one, following your design, we carefully construct your bikini by by hand. 

Designing your Bikini

After your measurements have been taken and fabric chosen you’re able to select a bikini grade, from level 1 to 4. Each level denoting the percentage coverage of crystals. Once a coverage level is chosen you next select your grade of crystals. We offer two different ranges of stunning crystals; Czech Glass and Swarovski. Both glisten beautifully on stage, but for those who are budget conscious and or first timers the Czech glass is more than impactful.

Coverage Levels

LEVEL 1 – 25% Crystals

LEVEL 2 – 50% Crystals

LEVEL 3 – 75% Crystals

LEVEL 4 – 100% Crystals

Crystal Options

Ordering Timeline

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