Elite Athletic Performance Coach


Over 10 years experience

Undergo exclusive personalised training from an elite strength coach to the athletes.

With over 10 years experience in the physical preparation of elite athletes. I am now focusing my skills to help drive individuals to achieve their sporting and fitness aspirations. I offer tailored fitness programmes and easy nutritional plans to help you construct a fitter and happier future.

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Personalised Programming

Elite personalised programming

Work directly with Chris Black on your goals and fitness aspirations. A personalised programme can help you get the most out of your athletic performance and make sure you are in optimal condition to compete at your chosen sport or pastime. Let me manage your needs, time constraints, gym access or lack of and availability of equipment.

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3 Month Fat Loss

Lean up this winter

Follow this 12 week fat loss programme and let’s smash that next goal. This plan is perfect for anyone, but is tailored for those with a busy lifestyle. This 3-days a week programme is direct, simple to follow and will help you get lean in 12.

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3 Month Strength

Explosive power & performance

Let’s maximise your strength and power and explode into the world of peak physical performance. Whether you train to compete or train recreationally, this 3 day a week workout plan helps you to become a stronger, faster and more powerful version of yourself.

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3 Month Muscle Development

Muscular hypertrophy

Time under tension, the training gift that keeps on giving. This muscle building programme is designed to help you maximise muscular growth in just 3 months. This 4-day a week programme ensures you train your body under progressive tension driving muscular development.

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